Wake up your inner barista!
the main coffee foam maker
He loves and knows how to make the most delicious coffee!

And he is also an excellent conversationalist, taster, psychologist, artist, philosopher, culinary specialist and aromatherapist!

We are 100% sure that there is a drop of barista in everyone.

Wake up your inner barista with Nemoloko!

The new line of Nemoloko Barista inspires to create and create new coffee drinks, delighting yourself, your friends, loved ones and relatives.

100% plant-based product 100% plant-based product
100% plant-based product
Lactose free Lactose free
Lactose free
Perfect with coffee Perfect with coffee
Perfect with coffee
Excellent whipping Excellent whipping
Excellent whipping
Does not contain GMO Does not contain GMO
Does not contain GMO
There is a drop of barista in everyone, and a whole liter in a Nemoloko package.
A drink with a pleasant coconut aftertaste and delicate aroma
Coffee with coconut Nemoloko Barista can be brewed in different ways. It can be strong and tart, when brewed with espresso, or sweet and tender like a latte. But in any case, exotic notes are woven into the coffee aroma.
A drink for true coffee lovers who are constantly in search of new flavours
Almond Nemoloko does not clog the taste of coffee, but emphasizes it with a nutty note and softens it slightly, taking away the bitterness. With an incredible magnetism, almond Nemoloko Barista belongs to the refined, delicate products that add charm to routine and everyday life.
It is created for a velvety latte, an airy cappuccino or a delicate macchiato.
The combination of coffee with soy Nemoloko BARISTA is not limited to the classic recipe. You can add coffee to Nemoloko or vice versa, season the portion with aromatic spices or syrup, serve hot or chilled.