Why Nemoloko

Not milk? What then?

Not milk? What then?

This question arises for most people when they first meet our product.

Nemoloko is a unique plant-based product that has nothing to do with milk, except for the benefits!

Why have we produced this product?

We are also consumers - every day we go shopping, buy food, cook for ourselves and our families, and want to be sure of the chosen products’ benefits. We dream of living in a world where everything is real - in a world of harmony and naturalness, with no deception and falsification. Unscrupulous manufacturers often abuse people's trust. As a result, a large number of cheap substitutes and surrogate products, having nothing to do with their original taste and benefits, appear around.

As a responsible manufacturer, we are convinced of two key things:

  • everything meant to help in people's health preservation and maintaining should be a model of safety, benefit and quality, and not cause harm;
  • only those who are not afraid to be brave and challenge the familiar can change the world for the better.

The development of the new Nemoloko product line is fully consistent with the mission that the company has been following for over 25 years — to produce only healthy products and improve the quality of people's lives.

Therefore, we have created NEMOLOKO - a new benchmark for daily benefits.

Who is Nemoloko for?

We can give a definite answer to this question - FOR EVERYONE!

When we started working on the product we did not even imagine how many questions would have to be answered to make our solution the best and suitable for absolutely everyone.

  • We studied different aspects and looked at the product both scientifically and medically.
  • We have tasted almost all foreign analogues. Our task was to create the product “not like they had,” but much better.
  • We worked on the recipes carefully, thoughtfully and for a long time - tasted, refined and improved them until they became ideal.
  • We carefully selected the ingredients and identified the suppliers, who were also thoroughly inspected, checking everything that could be checked.
  • We have conducted research on our products in accredited testing centers in order to confidently declare their benefits to you.

Nemoloko is a healthy and useful product that can and should be included in the diet. Nemoloko is a humane product for everyone - for people, for animals and for our environment, and we think this is a very strong argument for thinking people.

Nemoloko is 100% plant-based product, made with no animal ingredients and free of lactose, casein, trans fats, cholesterol, growth hormones or antibiotic residues.

All Nemoloko products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and are safe for people with lactase deficiency and allergies to cow's milk protein.

Use Nemoloko instead of milk. We are sure you will like it.
This is great! And without any "Moo"!