Nemoloko oat drink classic Extralight

Nemoloko oat drink classic Extralight is an excellent option for a regular food ration and, especially, for a diet.
Only 35 Kcal per 100 ml of product.

Important points that differ Nemoloko oat drink classic Extralight are:

  • The fat content of 0.5% is provided directly by the fat content of the oats themselves. There is no added vegetable oil.
  • Extralight oat drink is not additionally enriched with vitamins and minerals.
  • The amount of salt in the recipe is reduced - only 0.08 g per 100 ml for a good taste of the product.

Many of our consumers have been waiting for this product in the Nemoloko line, now we have it - enjoy ☺

Nemoloko Extralight can be used instead of milk to cook porridge, smoothies, pancakes and other culinary products. Add it to coffee or tea, drink and enjoy.


Despite the simplicity of our product composition, alas, it will not be possible to make a similar drink at home. More precisely, it is possible to cook non-dairy oat drink at home, but it will already be a different product in terms of physical and organoleptic characteristics.

The uniqueness of the technology used for the production of Nemoloko brand products, as well as its similarity with processes in nature, is determined by fermentation. It is this process that helps to improve the bioavailability of various mineral components, vitamins and other useful substances that we get in the final product from oat.

In addition, because of enzymes activity, the starch molecules contained in oat flour are first broken down to maltose (disaccharides), and then to glucose (simple sugars). This is the reason for the appearance of a little sweetness in the taste.


Scientists have conducted a number of studies that have shown that replacing skimmed cow's milk with non-dairy oat drink reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood plasma and the concentration of low-density lipoproteins in healthy people after 4 weeks of consumption. A large number of studies have linked this effect to the presence of soluble fiber-beta-glucan-in non-dairy oat drink but this result may also be due to the replacement of saturated fats in the normal diet with unsaturated fats.

Along with saturated fatty acids, mono-and polyunsaturated fatty acids are contained in non-dairy oat drink as a fat component , and % of their content is higher, which affects the ratio of low-and high-density lipoproteins in human blood plasma in favour of the latter, i.e. more so-called "good cholesterol" circulates in the blood.


1 л


water, oat flour,salt

Nutritional value of 100 ml of product

(average values)

Energy value, kJ (kcal) 150 (35)
Proteins, g 1
Fats, g 0,5
Carbohydrates, g 6,5
Salt, g 0,08

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