Nemoloko oat liquid cream is a plant-based alternative to traditional milk cream.

The product has a high nutritional value and 100% plant-based origin.

Nemoloko oat liquid cream is an excellent basic ingredient for preparing a variety of sauces, cream soups, pastries and other tasty and healthy dishes.


Nemoloko oat liquid cream is a 100% plant-based product that does not contain animal fat, and therefore does not contain cholesterol.

With good nutrition, there are about 500 mg of cholesterol per day that enter the human body with food, and almost the same amount is generated in the body itself (50% in the liver, 15% in the intestines, the rest in the skin).

It is necessary to take into account the content of cholesterol in food, since its excessive amount can cause significant harm to the body and lead to the development of atherosclerosis.

To compare, we provide the average cholesterol content in 100 ml of cow cream:
— 10% fat - 34 mg
— 20% fat - 80 mg

We hope we have convinced you that Nemoloko oat liquid cream is a great alternative to traditional cream.


Like all Nemoloko products, oat liquid cream does not contain lactose, casein, GMOs, trans fats, antibiotics, as it is of 100% plant-based origin.

Rapeseed oil is chosen by us consciously. The fact that this type of vegetable oil is not popular in our country, Internet is full of horror stories, and people have no desire to find out more, is not a reason to put a useful and good product on the blacklist. Rapeseed oil is rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids- in total 22 acids, which are derivatives of alpha-linoleic and linoleic acids, and the well-known benefits of omega-3 and omega-6 also have an ideal ratio, which is also a huge plus. Why are they irreplaceable? Our body, being able to generate fat, cannot generate these fatty acids, either as part of fat, or separately, and we really need them, and first of all for the cardiovascular system.


200 мл


water, oat flour, rapeseed oil, thickener-xanthan gum, emulsifier E471, iodized salt.

Nutritional value of 100 ml of product

(average values)

Energy value, kJ (kcal) 560(140)
Proteins, g 1
Fats, g 12
Carbohydrates, g 6
Salt, g 0,1

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