We say "Yes!" to environmental responsibility

When we talk about the packaging advantages , the first thing to note is the economy and protecting of natural and raw materials, as well as energy used for its production. The founder of Tetra Pak, Ruben Rausing, said that " packaging should save more than it costs." And we are gradually coming to this. We should remind that aseptic packaging consists of 75% cardboard, 20% polyethylene and 5% thin aluminum foil with a thickness of only 6 microns. Each layer performs its own "stored" function for the product.

Cardboard, polyethylene and aluminum are bonded together and the processor has to solve the problem of separating or sharing them. The separation cannot be carried out in one stage, so the process turns out to be multi-stage with the involvement of many pieces of equipment. At one production site, the cellulose fiber is separated from a mixture of polyethylene and aluminum, and then used to produce special grades of paper products. Thus, Nemoloko drinks packages get their second life.

The polymer and aluminum components of the packaging are processed in another production facility, where the granulation method is used. The point is aluminum is not separated from the polymer, but used in the form of granules for plastic products manufacturing, those in which the presence of aluminum is not a critical factor for quality.

This method was implemented in Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Brazil, but the best results were achieved in Russia in the company "Investal", with production facilities located in Tambov. This plant produces the highest quality granules, that are used to produce composite panels, handles, dowels, benches, pipes and wood-polymer composite. The facades of offices, gas stations, banks and many large supermarkets are lined with panels, which include a mixture of polyethylene and foil, which is obtained from recycling, including Tetra Pak packaging. There is a factory where the bundles are processed completely, creating a road additive for the production of asphalt-concrete mix.

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