Is Nemoloko kosher? Naturally!

Nemoloko products are Kosher certified. This is an indicator that our company has a high reputation and guarantees that the products recipes invariably contain exactly the ingredients that are declared, and that their quality, as well as production technology, always comply with kashrut, a set of rules for rational and healthy nutrition.

Kosher in Hebrew means "fit", suitable. The ideological basis of kashrut is easy to understand. It is perfectly conveyed by the saying "we are what we eat." Our health and long life directly depend on food.

Of course, obtaining Kosher certification also means that Nemoloko can be eaten by those who abide by Jewish religious law. But the main thing is the high quality of the product. After all, the system itself is quite rational and applies not only to the requirements of religious organizations, but also to the field of healthy nutrition in general.

Today the concept of "kosher" in the world has become synonymous with naturalness and health benefits.

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