Strategically important ingredient

As you already know, there are different products in the Nemoloko line and they are created as dairy alternative, and it can be of different fat content. Therefore, the nemoloko line also has a choice - nemoloko classic light with a fat content of 1.5 %, nemoloko classic with a fat content of 3.2 % and cream with 12 % fat content.

Despite the fact oats stand out among other cereals with a high fat content, alas, it is not enough. It is the oil that helps to achieve the fat content of the product we need. To produce nemoloko products we use premium refined deodorized rapeseed obtained by pressing from rape seeds that have not been subjected to any type of genetic modification. Refined rapeseed oil is approved worldwide as a food product and food ingredient. For example, the us fda classifies rapeseed oil as grass (generally recognized as safe).

But the functionality of the oil does not end there, as it should additionally enrich the product and add benefits to it.

The company "sady pridonya" takes a serious and responsible approach to the selection of ingredient suppliers, conducts their audit and periodic testing of ingredients in independent accredited testing centers.

Each batch of ingredients is supported by a certificate of quality and safety, a declaration of conformity, most of the suppliers have a certified quality management system according to the international iso standard, and haccp food safety management system.

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