World is important

The progress of recycling is developing successfully today. If we take a global scale, we often hear that in Europe and America, the issue of separate garbage collection is not the point to discuss - it has become normal, just like brushing your teeth in the morning. In Russia, we are just beginning to join the global trend in natural resources protection and human ecological culture, and are making successful steps in this direction.

In 2010, Tetra Pak set a target to double the global cardboard packaging recycling rate to 40% by 2020. It is the first packaging manufacturer to set such an ambitious goal and to make significant progress in this direction. In 2017, the global volume of recycled Tetra Pak packs was 25 %, that is equival to an increase in the number of recycled packages by 14 billion (from 32 billion in 2010 to 46 billion in 2017). However, it is important to note that thanks to such initiatives, our partner makes a much greater contribution: 4 out of 10 packages sold are recycled. This figure includes the recycling of all beverage carton packages available on the market, not just those produced by Tetra Pak. This is because all developed and maintained collection and recycling programs are designed to recycle cardboard packaging produced by any manufacturer, not just Tetra Pak.

Recycling contributes to the development of a reusable economy that preserves valuable materials. In addition, it helps to prevent waste disposal, saves resources, and reduces the impact on the climate. All of this is vital for our common future, consistent with the principles of sustainable development.

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