Nemoloko coconut is a drink with a pleasant coconut aftertaste and delicate aroma.

The Nemoloko BARISTA line is the best way to get inspired for new coffee drinks recepies. The delicate aroma of coconut will perfectly complement your morning coffee, and the barista in your favorite coffee shop can easily prepare a thick foam for cappuccino.

Not in the mood for coffee right now? Then cook with coconut Nemoloko BARISTA or just drink it with pleasure. Experienced chefs offer to use it in pancake dough. The aroma and coconut taste of the freshly-baked pancakes will not leave anyone indifferent.


For Nemoloko coconut BARISTA, we chose a rice base because it is a low-calorie and hypoallergenic product. Rice is gluten-free, has a high nutritional value and does not have dominant flavors.

Coconut Nemoloko BARISTA contains carrageenan stabilizer to obtain stable non-dairy foam. It is a natural food supplement derived from red seaweed. Carrageenan does not cause allergic reactions and is safe for human health.


  • Nemoloko Barista natural coffee drink with coconut can be brewed in different ways. It can be strong and bitter when made with espresso, or sweet and tender like a latte. But in any case, tropical notes are woven into the coffee aroma.
  • Coconut Nemoloko BARISTA is perfectly combined with syrups, juices and fresh fruits and is suitable for anyone who likes to experiment.
  • There is no added fat in Nemoloko coconut.
  • Coconut Nemoloko BARISTA is the best assistant for professionals in the coffee industry. With it, your favorite latte will have the perfect glossy foam and will definitely suit latte art.


1 л


water, coconut cream (7%), rice flour, sugar, vitamin and mineral premix (vitamin D2, vitamin B2, calcium, calcium carbonate), stabilizer-carrageenan, stabilizer E471, salt.

Nutritional value of 100 ml of product

(average values)

Energy value, kJ (kcal) 150 (35)
Proteins, g 0,4
Fats, g 1,5
Carbohydrates, g 5,0
Salt, g 0,1
Vitamin D2, mcg 1 (10%)
Vitamin B2, mcg 0,11 (11%)
Calcium, mcg 120 (13%)

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