Nemoloko almond is a drink for true coffee lovers who are constantly looking for new flavors.

Almond Nemoloko BARISTA goes well with coffee, setting off and slightly softening its bitterness. A pleasant nutty aftertaste remains in the mouth.

Almond Nemoloko will attract not only coffee lovers. It has incredible magnetism and belongs to the sophisticated, exquisite products that add charm to everyday life.


Almond Nemoloko contains two types of almonds in an optimal combination for taste, color and aroma. These are white (blanched) and brown almonds.

We carefully selected ingredients and identified suppliers, worked long and thoughtfully on recipes - tried, refined and improved them until they became perfect. The composition contains only those components that are really necessary and are of plant origin.


  • Almond Nemoloko BARISTA contains a stabilizer carrageenan to obtain a stable non-dairy foam. It is a natural food supplement derived from red seaweed. Carrageenan does not cause allergic reactions and is safe for human health.
  • Almond Nemoloko has no added fat, 1.3% fat is the fat of the almond itself.
  • The product contains a vitamin and mineral premix (vitamins D2, B2, calcium).
  • For lovers of almond flavour and taste, Nemoloko almond can be used in any recipe instead of milk.


1 л


water, almonds (roasted almond kernel paste) 2.5%, sugar, vitamin and mineral premix (vitamin D2, vitamin B2, calcium (tricalcium phosphate), calcium carbonate, stabilizer E471, stabilizer-carrageenan, salt.

Nutritional value of 100 ml of product

(average values)

Energy value, kJ (kcal) 100 (32)
Proteins, g 0,4
Fats, g 1,3
Carbohydrates, g 2,7
Salt, g 0,13
Vitamin D2, mcg 1 (10%)
Vitamin B2, mcg 0,11 (11%)
Calcium, mcg 120 (13%)

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