Nemoloko oat fruit drink «Exotic»

Nemoloko oat fruit drink "Exotic" is a light refreshing oats-based fruit cocktail.

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We created this product on Nemoloko Extralight basis, excluding salt from the composition and adding exotic fruits loved by everyone. It turned out divinely delicious, easy and very useful!

Imagine yourself as a taster and first evaluate the sunny color and consistency of the product, and only then take the first sip.

Nemoloko oat fruit drink "Exotic" is what you really need for a great mood, it refreshes and delights with taste. Best served chilled!


There are no added vegetable oils in Nemoloko "Exotic", the fat content of 0.5% is equal to the fat content of oats.

Nemoloko “Exotic” contains no added salt or sugar.

The fruit part contains high-quality juices and purees of orange, mango and passionfruit, there are no flavours and colorants in the drink.

Nemoloko "Exotic" is not additionally enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Nemoloko "Exotic" contains juices and purees of fruits, each of them has not only an individual taste, but also a set of useful substances peculiar to it, which can be called a benefit profile.


Nemoloko products:

  • 100% natural and healthy.
  • Safe, including for people with lactose intolerance and cow's milk protein allergy.
  • They have a high nutritional value.
  • Easy to digest.
  • Rich in plant fiber.
  • Contains beta-glucan - soluble oat fiber.


1 л


water, oat flour, concentrated orange juice, mango puree, concentrated passionfruit juice

Nutritional value of 100 ml of product

(average values)

Energy value, kJ (kcal) 220 (50)
Proteins, g 1
Fats, g 0,5
Carbohydrates, g 11

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