Latte art with Nemoloko

Latte coffee drink is a mixture of coffee and Nemoloko with foam. When preparing a classic latte, milk is poured into coffee. If you pour coffee into the milk, you will get a latte macchiato. Unlike cappuccino, latte differs in proportions of ingredients (significantly more milk) and relatively low milk foam.


Prepare the glasses to pour the coffee. To do this, warm it up to medium temperature (so that it is warm, but not hot).

Prepare a pitcher.

Grind coffee 11 - 13g. (for a single horn) and align it in the holder (in height equal to the height of the holder's container).

Temper (compress) the coffee in the holder - pressing force 8 - 14 kg. The coffee tab itself should be uniform (not flake, not crumble).

A portion of espresso - 25-30 ml. should be poured into a previously prepared glass( see item 1.) - for Irish coffee or a ceramic cup.

At this time, Nemoloko is being prepared.

To form the required amount of foam, during whipping, gently lower the pitcher by 1 cm and heat it up to the required temperature. The ideal temperature is 58 - 60 ° C.

To remove bubbles, shake the pitcher with ready-made Nemoloko with light circular movements.

Foamed Nemoloko will become uniform, glossy and shiny. Gently pour whipped Nemoloko in a thin stream along the wall into the dish where the espresso is already located. In this case, the liquids should mix, and a foam about 1 cm thick should form on the surface.

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