Mint frappuccino

Baristas know that a good coffee starts with good coffee beans. And if you add it with the chill of mint, the sweetness of banana, the rich taste of Nemoloko almond, you will get a real mint frappuccino. This invigorating and refreshing combo can be drunk with the first rays of the sun, in the midday heat and when the evening coolness falls on the city.


  • — Coffee (Americano) - 100ml.;
  • — Nemoloko almond - 100ml.;
  • — Banana - 1 piece.;
  • — Cocoa - 1tbsp.;
  • — Mint - 5 leaves.

Preparation method

Pour ready-made Americano into ice molds and freeze.

Mix banana and Nemoloko almond in a blender.

Add coffee cubes, mint, cocoa and mix again.

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