Risotto with pumpkin

The special features of Italian cuisine include the ability to turn simple products into culinary masterpieces. Risotto is included in the list.

Method of preparation

First, you need to finely chop the pumpkin and bake it with the addition of sugar, cinnamon, add a couple of rosemary sprigs and coconut oil, which will absorb all these flavors.

Fry garlic and onion in olive oil. Rice must be used with a high starch content. Without washing the rice, fry it and add the vegetable broth. Add as much as the rice will require to get the creamy consistency of the risotto. The finishing touch of this dish will be the addition of Nemoloko oat liquid cream 12%.

The delicate creamy taste will emphasize the sweetness of pumpkin and the aromas of spices.

Risotto with pumpkin should be eaten not just hot, but freshly prepared.

Enjoy your meal!

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