Chocolate pudding

Chocolate pudding - it is easy to cook, but it takes time to set. Worth the wait! Indeed, for your efforts, you will receive an incredibly delicate chocolate pudding, which will become a complete addition to family tea party.


  • — Nemoloko oat chocolate - 1 l;
  • — Corn starch - 70 g.;
  • — Sugar - 40 g.;
  • — Bitter chocolate - 60 g.

Method of preparation

Pour Nemoloko chocolate into a deep dish. Add cornstarch and sugar.

Mix well. Strain and place on the stove.

Heat until thick, stirring occasionally.

Add dark chocolate.

Pour into a mold (glass).

Cool for 12 hours.

Gently turn the mold over and remove the pudding. Decorate with cocoa.

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