Raph-coffee with Nemoloko

Nemoloko cream transforms raff into an aromatic and delicate drink.

It is interesting that Raph is a purely Moscow invention. It was invented in 1996-1997 at Coffee Bean, the first coffee shop in Moscow, when one of the regular guests, Raphael, asked to prepare something interesting for him. Especially for him, they began to whip coffee, cream and vanilla sugar together. The result is a coffee drink that tastes like melted ice cream. Subsequently, many of his friends appreciated this drink and began to ask for: coffee like for Ruph. At first they called it “Like for Ruph”. Then it was simplified to "raph coffee".


Espresso 25-30 ml.

Sugar 10 g (5 g each -vanilla and regular sugar, respectively).

Nemoloko liquid cream 12% - 250 ml.

Add all ingredients to the pitcher.

Foam up the resulting mixture with a steam wand until a stable air foam is obtained (1.5 cm). The drink should warm up to 60 ° C.

Gently pour the drink into a preheated cup.

The average preparation time for raff coffee is no more than 2-3 minutes.

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